The Limitation Lie

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The Limitation Lie


You might not know it, but you’re limiting yourself.

Ever heard of the phrase “limiting belief?” Basically, in theory, a limiting belief is a concept or assumption you have about yourself (typically a negative viewpoint about your abilities), that places constraints on your mentality and outlook about yourself or your goals.

They suck. They zap your energy, momentum, and bring you down. They breed doubt, insecurity, and fear. It’s the “devil on your shoulder” whispering in your ear that you “can’t do it.”

We’ve all fought those concerns. In fact, that’s something that never quite goes away; there’s always a hint of doubt or uncertainty following every decision you make . . . you must develop the discipline to shut those thoughts out and press forward, regardless of your circumstances.


“You must develop the discipline to shut those thoughts out and press forward, regardless of your circumstances.”


Here’s the thing: while you’re likely familiar with “positive self talk,” many people don’t know—or refuse to acknowledge—the micro-thoughts we have every day that place limitations on our abilities or understanding of ourselves.

Most categorize limiting beliefs as something along the lines of, “I’ll never be good enough at running a company to make a million dollars.” But, that’s only the beginning.

What about all the moments throughout the day you hesitate to take action because you’re unsure of the environment you’re walking into?

What about the conversations you have with other people, where you take to heart the concerns they have about your ability to actually accomplish the goals you’ve been dreaming about?

What about the moments when you’re stuck in traffic and you’re questioning why you even started your journey of personal and professional growth to begin with?

See, we’re all too aware of the large statements in our life that hold us back. They’re right in front of our faces, and they’re hard to miss. But, it’s when we take to heart, overlook, or outright accept the smaller—seemingly insignificant—limiting beliefs, that we begin to cause the “death by a thousand cuts” to our dreams.

Mental fortification begins with small disciplines.

This week, I encourage you to fight back. Stop allowing the weakness in your mind infect and affect your progress in the world.

Don’t let your dream fall because you were in a season of preparation.